Tranquillité Revival! 2.0

3.08.2011 | |

Okay so my secret is that i love making flats, and i love making mood boards and presentation boards.. Well it might not be a secret to all..

I am very thrilled about the opportunity to work on an existing project clean it up and taking it from a digital project to a real presentable project.. and being able to submit it to the symposium in april and of course if it wins... hopefully I get voted in.. secretly I want to win, but im sure we all do..

So my existing project that i am reviving and polishing up is my TRENQUILLITE RESORT collection that I made last semester for 111B. What I am changing about it is, I am concentrating on my target customer, I am really focusing on the fabric selection I am making, ensuring myself that the fabrics compliment the tone, the environment & climate that my "TARGET CUSTOMER" - "CHARLOTTE" will be taking my pieces to..

Here is my moodboard..

My selection of swatches..

(btw Bought these at ISW and 6 fabrics cut into 1/4 yrd each cost me a grand total of $67)

My selection of color chips for the dye-able Linen & or Silk/Rayon Jersey Blend...

Here as well you can find my Target customer Bio.. (Click to enlarge)

The feeling of the garments will be flowy, and lightweight, and clothing that can travel well, wrinkle free, and you can just throw on and not need alot of preparation to get it out of the luggage and go and enjoy your day while traveling. It will compliment all figure types and skin tones, and above all will keep you looking chic, and at the same time cool. Flats and board picture to follow