Second Collection - Tranquillité [Resort]

12.06.2010 | |

A little glimpse of what I am working on today! check out the progress on my COROFLOT.COM

Will she wear it!?

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So I've been following up with some designers who are trying to get Miss soon to be Ms. Princess Kate Middleton.. and I must say how thrilled I am that one of my favorite designers has already tried touching basis with KATE.. I did find some of these designs on the web, i mean this is news we all want to know what she will be wearin specially after the late Princess Diane of wales got married in an amazing piece we all love the fairy tale stories and this is one we are dying to know what she will be wearing.. enjoy!


12.01.2010 | |

So all this week in school there is a clothing swap!! Who knew people at pcc actually cared about things like this! LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a clothing swap I just wished that i knew ahead of time.

I think this is a great idea and believe the fashion program/ FASHION CLUB should have a clothing swap within its FASHION ROOM! Yes it's really weird and awkward to exchange things with a stranger specially clothing but i think if its the fashion program at least its a control and better deal because we all have great items that we would love to swap... MAYBE IN THE FUTURE! [=