Portfolio Collection - J' Adore [spring]

11.24.2010 | |

Of course everyone knows i love dresses and gowns, and the whole environment and atmosphere and feeling a amazing gown does for a women on a special occasion.

The first half of this collection we are to design one collection with two lines..

I went and explored bridal because there is a huge market for this.. there is always someone getting married out there right!?

First part i have a bridal line and then i have made a Brides Maids line..

I tried to keep the colors spring inspired. also made sure that they were organic and crisp fabrics and inspired by lace as well.. i wanted to be very flow like always as if you are not trying to be beautiful while on that special day...

Bride's Maids Line

Hope you all liked

The royal wedding!

11.17.2010 | |


So it was announced this week that prince William will be marring long time girlfriend Kate Middleton.. I think this will definitely is one of the big events to be looking out for specially to see where fashion & fashion trends might be heading.. as we all know the royal wedding of Princess Diana was epic and changed many things including the way gown and bridal gowns were used, designed, and seen.. so I bet you anything right now every gown designer has KATE in their mind and would do anything to dress her..

I can not wait to hear more on what she will be wearing either a known designer or a little shack in london designer..