We're Back!

2.28.2011 | |

So we are back in school and I am super excited because I have been siting at home doing nothing, and at least now we can get our thoughts and Ideas going for this the lets call it " LAST SEMESTER" in the PASADENA FASHION PROGRAM!! [=

This semester we are going to be starting an inspirational sketchbook, which im totally excited about ... Because as designers this is what our whole job is about , being inspired and translating that into beautiful garments people can wear and feel as if they are wearing a little piece of what the inspiration is.

So our first inspiration is Vintage Sewing patterns...So i picked 3 and from these we sketch what we feel can be a great adaption for today's trends, and target customer.. so here are my 3 picks...

1940's and 1950's inspired Blouses, and dresses, i really really love these i will soon be soon editing this post as soon as i get good inspirational sketches in my sketchbook.