McQueen Maybe?

3.15.2011 | |

So we are stil awaiting to see who will be designing Kate's wedding gown, and of course as we know the designer has to be British due to tradition.. Its been speculated that it might be this awesome lady in the above picture a 36 year old Sarah Burton who designs for the McQueen house... and does all of the wedding gowns... I am super super excited about this wedding... i was a tiny little girl when Princess Diane got married and i didnt see the wedding on TV, so for this weeding to be happening, and in todays technology its really exciting because for us as designers doing a wedding gown or even being chosen by a royal to create something so magical and important and so thats super super awesome .. even though the McQueen house is denying all speculations.. so im sure we are all gonna have to wait and see.... ive taken the day off so im soo ready.!!