Karl Lagerfeld's Own Private Island - Isla Moda

10.13.2010 | |

Just about everyone is reporting today that Karl Lagerfeld is Designing his own island- The Isla Moda.. in english translates to The Fashion Island.

The Chanel Designer has teamed up with prestigious Miami-based architecture firm Oppenheim and the KOR hotel group to create the man-made island situated 20 km off the coast of Dubai.

I cannot wait for this to be completed. The date for the final touches has not been totally disclosed but it has been said it should be completed by 2014

So whats soo cool about the island?

The resort complex will comprise three luxury hotels, 150 residential villas and a host of chic boutiques. Inspired by the floating palaces of India and cruise ships, Karl's new venture will be the first ever fashion island.

I know there will be a frenzy of designer brands and designing houses wanting a piece of lot . After all you do need money to make money.

Karl Lagerfeld’s flair of combining avant-garde and haute couture will blueprint the isle of inspiration.

The metamorphosis of art and beauty is my passion. The discovery of contemporary mediums of expression has allowed me to pursue my interest in art, beauty, architecture and progressive cultural exchange,” said Karl Lagerfeld. “Dubai is a fashion bud on the verge of blossoming into the next fashion hub of the world. The city is alive with culture and rich in personailty, making it a perfect place for aesthetic, fashion and design to flourish. Isla Moda has tremendous potential to be the style icon of the future and I intend on driving the island to high style stardom,”

Watch Karls Meeting with CEO of building company

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