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Shabby Apple Dresses

Here are my Ideas and sketches for the new Spring 2011 line for Shabby Apple.
I hope you all like them.!

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My inspiration was elegant garden parties, with amazing flower arrangements and beautiful flower bouquets, their aroma and another big inspiration was "Breakfast At Tiffany's". I wanted to take that "Little Black Dress" and reinvent it, and make it work with spring colors, make it pop and have a life of its own, at the same time maintain the simple elegant touch of something soo classic as that little dress, while keeping the Shabby Apple's womens' wants, likes, and needs in mind.

This is my line sheet. The Line sheet shows some specs of the above sketch, price points, fabrication information as well as line information and styles.

These are the color swatches of the actual fabric which is 100% cotton making it easy to machine wash, as well as inexpensive for production. The colors are from Lenzing 2011 spring pallet.

Design(s) I am Entering for Shabby Apple.

Design #1

Design# 2

Thank you so much for looking!

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