Melrose Avenue shopping area losing its cachet

9.11.2010 | |

This saturdays Los Angeles Times Business section front page talks about the good old very known Melrose strip. It is sad to read how this area once so popular is loosing money. If you go and walk its streets, you are able to see how every other store has closed down, or is being leased out due to the recession. People are not spending money they way they were. The article talks about how most stores have began bringing in wholesale clothing which gives more variety and also keeping the price points lower, however customers knowing that rather will go to downtown and places like santee and get these items at a much lower price.

It is very sad to see also some of the stores that actually have closed some like aardvarks which even though you are being vintage clothing stil kept their prices very in comparison to the over priced botiques there. The only bright side to this story is that now the square foot for leasing is $2-3 per sq foot. It makes it a little intimidating for some of us designers that even when you think you can just go out there and start making money right away there are these stores that have been doing it for years and there is no money to make out there ... for now.

*Image Credits: Michael Robinson Chavez, Los Angeles Times*
*Original Article:By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times *

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